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Calcite or limestone is ground calcium carbonate having a high composition of CaCo3 and very low silica with a very high reflective index. Calcite is the most stable form of calcium carbonate and a primary ore of calcium.



  • Whiteness provided is 95-99.5 %.

  • Brightness provided is 94-99 %.

  • With higher covering strength, used for high-quality Paints, Plastics, Masterbatches, and Automative components.

  • The smooth surface finish and higher dimensional stability provided by it made it popular among all plastics and polymer products.

  • Our calcite powder is a highly specialized powder having 94-99 % CaCo3 contents.


  • Rubber Industry

  • Paint Industry

  • Plastic and Polymer Industry


We supply grades of Calcite with controlled Silica contents and also Surface Treated grades for Polymer applications. We also maintain huge stocks of soft imported lumps and powder.

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