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Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous (SSA) is an inorganic salt containing a minimum purity of 99%. SSA has a refractive index between 1.39-1.47. It is a micronized neutral salt having a snow-white powder appearance. 



  • Whiteness provided is 98-99.5 %.

  • Brightness provided is 98-99.5 %.

  • High percentage of coating gives hydrophobic properties to the hygroscopic nature of SSA making it suitable for the masterbatch, plastic, and polymer industry.

  • Higher purity gives gloss and sheen to the plastic-blown film industry and helps to counter haze.


  • Uncoated grade as a filler for the detergent industry and dye industry.

  • As a fining agent for the glass industry.

  • The coated grade for the plastic and polymer industry.

  • Leveling agent for the textile industry.


We supply SSA of high purity, whiteness, and surface-treated grades for polymer application in required micron sizes.

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