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KAMLESH MINERALS is a group of companies with diversified interests in mining and processing of minerals and machinery manufacturing operating both domestically and internationally since 1971. The company is certified by the International Standard Organisation (ISO) and maintains a high caliber of product quality and service.

Coupled with the analytical skills and passion of Mr. Kamlesh Jaroli, the basic aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by matching their requirements and specification. The degree of precision towards work has gifted the company an edge over the domestic market via an eminent dealer network as well as a strong presence across the globe. The company offers effective solutions for all requirements of quality minerals in various conditions and situations faced by the industry.

Our group strictly adheres to uncompromising guidelines given by ISO 9001-2015 in an attempt to secure the well-order flow of supplies and services. We are committed to using innovation and technology to ensure sustainable business practices.



KAMLESH MINERALS was established in the year 1971 by Mr. Lalit Jaroli in the state of Rajasthan which holds a major portion of mineral reserves of India. Today, we are proud owners of mines having quality TALC raw material which gives us an edge over other prominent suppliers in India.

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With his vast experience in the field of engineering, Mr. Lalit Jaroli was quick to foresee the demand for minerals especially for Talc with very small particle size.


With his intensive research and development, he began Kamlesh Engineers and developed high standard processing equipment to produce high-quality Talc having fitness up to one micron to fulfill market demand. With increasing demand from the domestic as well as international market, we started a dedicated company to look after the international operations under the title of K. Micro Minerals.


Today, KAMLESH MINERALS is synonymous with technological advancement in grinding technology to the finest micronizing level. The group has more than eight processing plants having new generation pulverizers equipped with external classifiers supported by magnetic separators, vibratory sieves, auto weighing, and a bagging system.

The plants are supported by a highly experienced research and development team. Our dynamic and powerful presence in the market for the past 47 years with a continuous supply of TALC Power has led to a number of highly satisfied customers in almost all continents.


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